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Friday, December 15, 2017

Introducing Marketplace: Your Solution To A Shorter Commute

Every morning millions of Americans wake up and head to their jobs. Some may be fortunate and have a short drive, while on average most of us are looking at a 51-minute round trip daily. That may not seem like much, but an hour on the road each day can add up after a while.

GM has been looking for ways to save you time on your daily drive, and that solution is Marketplace. Marketplace an innovative feature which allows you to fulfill simple daily tasks like ordering and paying for your morning cup of coffee right from your vehicle with the push of a button. From Marketplace you can also place a drive-thru order, set a dinner reservation on the fly, or even see where the nearest gas station is for an emergency fill up should the low fuel light pop up.

The purpose of Marketplace goes beyond trimming time off of your daily commute. GM wants consumers to build a deeper connection with the brands they’ve grown to trust, while also building a deeper trust with GM. Through Marketplace consumers will have access to special maintenance coupons and accessory discounts, just for being a loyal customer.

Even though Marketplace is entirely used while on the road, GM still places consumer safety at number one. Marketplace selects offers specifically based around your interests by analyzing your real-time stops and location. This is to ensure you won’t be bothered, and will only receive offers we know you wouldn’t want to pass up on.